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Hello. We are Creati Fish. We design creative logos for startups that want to build brand recognition and foster brand loyalty

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Unique logo design

All our logo designs are made from scratch. We start with several initial sketches, which are sent to you for review. Then, you select your favorite designs for digitalization. The style of the logo, as well as the colors/fonts are chosen based on your startup industry and customer emotions you are trying to invoke.

Excellent service

We will be in communication with you via email throughout the design process. From the initial pen sketches to the final designs, we will work closely with you and keep you updated. Your feedback will always be appreciated and taken into consideration. There shall be no missed deadlines - work will be delivered within 3 days to a week.
Creative fish illustration
Creative fish illustration


We understand that startups don't have a large budget. We deliver professional, original and unique logo designs at an affordable price. There is flexibility on the number of original sketches, delivary time and the number of logo concepts depending on your budget.

Some recent logos

Logo redesign

blockchain logo design

Bloom Lab: Bloom Lab is a startup developing blockchain solutions. They presented an initial logo concept and requested a redesign. They wanted the logo to incoporate some representation of blockchain and maybe lab equipment. We played around with many ideas, many of which involved blocky laboratory flasks. In the end, the client preferred a minimalistic block-like logo that showcases the initials of the company name (bl).

Logo design

webinar logo design

WebinarPress: WebinarPress is a WordPress plugin for webinars. We were tasked with creating a logo design that represented the main elements of a webinar - video and chat. The final logo design incorporated the popular chat symbol, as well as a negative space play icon.

Logo design

security beer app logo design

KegTap. KeyTap is an open-source password protection application. The name of the app -- kegtap -- is based on an equipment used during beer production. The client wanted the logo design to combine a representation of beer and password protection or security. We faced the challenge of giving the logo some beer elements, while still trying to reflect the app's core functions: security and privacy.

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