About Us

We are

Creatif Fish is a design studio based in Bamenda, Cameroon. We are committed to creating awesome websites and graphics. We produce unique and awesome websites, logos and graphics in order to help you distinguish yourself from the competition.

You'll love our designs! And if you don't? We'll make changes until you do! Our team is young and very passionate about the job. During the duration of the project, you'll be in direct contact with the team.

Enjeck Cleo

Designer & writer

Enjeck lives in Bamenda after working in Douala for some months. She worked in a web development agency and then as a freelance designer and writer. She has experience with logo design, graphic design, and technical writing. Enjeck adds to the unique and strong style of the studio. She's currently working on Small Moments.

Charlotte Tenjoh


Currently living in Bamenda, Charlotte is a freelance developer who spent 3 years in full stack web development. She shares her experience with Creatif Fish regularly.