Top 10 most recognizable logos in the world

A logo is a graphical emblem, symbol or mark. A logo is used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. Logos come in many forms; it may be icons or include some text. Have you ever seen a notable company without a logo? No? Because there is not any. The top 10 most recognizable logos in the world belong to the world’s most famous companies.

A logo is one of the first things that connect a customer with a company. A popular company shall grow to have a recognizable logo, which is can be easily identified by its customers and the public. Think of the most popular company you know, and your mind will probably invoke images of its logo.

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What makes a recognizable logo?

A recognizable logo design comes down to the popularity of the company, as well as some other factors. Successful and iconic logos are easy to identify, professional, have a solid brand identity and are visible from any size. Over the years, some companies may change their logos based on design trends. Think of the Apple logo, for example. It started as a complex drawing of someone under a tree and it evolved into a modern bitten apple.

These top 10 most recognizable logos are picked based on the logo’s branding, popularity, and recognizability.

Top 10 most recognizable logos in the world

Below are the top 10 most recognizable logos in the world, in no particular order.

1. Apple

Apple’s logo has evolved over the years. The Apple logo started as featured Isaac Newton sitting beneath a tree with the apple hanging from it, poised to drop. While it was creative, Apple quickly simplified their logo to a literal apple. The Apple logo has always been iconic, but has popularity has increased over the years due to the rising popularity of Apple products. The Apple logo is associated with sleek, clean machines. In fact, products carrying the Apple logo are typically deemed to be luxurious, and it can be viewed as a status symbol. Whether you love or hate Apple, you must admit that you will recognize their logo from miles away.

Apple logo | Famous and recognizable logo
Apple logo


2. Microsoft

According to Inkbot Design:

” The Microsoft logo depicts four colors, each representing an independent component. The blue square represents Windows. The red represents [an] office. The green represents Xbox, in other words, fun. And the yellow represents the surface. Though no evidence justifying the choice of yellow is known.”

Even without the company name attached to it, the Microsoft logo is easy to identify, making it one of the top 10 most recognizable logos in the world.

Microsoft logo | Popular and recognizable logos
Microsoft logo


3. Nike

The iconic Nike logo is a globally recognized logo. It is recognized even when the company’s name is not attached to it anymore. Commonly known as the ‘swoosh,’ this logo has a much deeper meaning. Contrary to popular belief, the Nike logo is not a checkmark. Nike is actually a Greek goddess that personifies victory. As we all know, victory is very important in sports, which is the primary customer base for the Nike brand.

The Nike logo was designed by Carolyn Davidson, in 1971. According to her, the symbol represents the goddess’ wing as an indication of movement and speed. For a company that is now worth billions, Carolyn Davidson was only paid $35 for this brilliant logo design.

Nike logo | Famous and recognizable logo
Nike logo


4. Google

The branding behind all of Google’s logos is impressive, to say the least. Google uses color iterations and has four major colors; red, blue, green and yellow. The “L” letter, which symbolizes a ‘leader’ is different and unique out of the basic colors. Google is the only big brand which has an ever-changing logo. This attribute makes Google unique and the brand value is well-depicted in the changing logos.

Google logo | top recognizable logo
Google logo


5. McDonald’s

The McDonalds logo is so magnificent with its simplicity. Simply two golden arches. Who doesn’t recognize that? Almost everyone does. The McDonald’s logo was derived from their early architecture to be seen from afar, and now it’s incorporated into their branding. The golden color used in the logo is associated with happiness. A very fitting color for the brand.

McDonalds Logo
McDonald’s logo


6. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the biggest brands around the world. Coca-Cola’s logo branding has changed over the years. The script font has only been tweaked ever so slightly over the years, but still remain consistent. The Coca-Cola logo is a great example of an iconic and timeless logo. Coca-Cola has stayed true to its classic style. In fact, the Coca-Cola logo is so distinguished, that when translated across languages, consumers can still recognize it worldwide. 

Coca-Cola popular logo
Coca-Cola logo


7. Toyota

The current Toyota logo as we know it was introduced to celebrate its 50th anniversary. In a bid to follow Japanese cultural traditions, the Toyota logo was both simple and meaningful. The two ellipses symbolize the hearts of the customers and the company. These ellipses overlap, signifying the union of the two parties in respect, trust, and partnership. They also form a ‘T’, standing for Toyota.

The Toyota logo emblem is completed with a bigger oval, circling the other two. This reflects the world embracing Toyota. Besides, all of the ellipses are designed with various brushstrokes. These brushstrokes pay tribute to Japanese calligraphy craft. In addition, the space between the ovals is meant to symbolize the infinite values, cherished by Toyota. These values include excellent quality, reliability, environmental concern, and innovation.

Toyota famous logo
Toyota logo


8. Mercedez Benz

Mercedes-Benz is the widely-known for its luxury cars. Think of a posh yet comfortable car, and Mercedez-Benz will come to mind. A luxurious car company needs a luxurious-looking logo to match it. The best logo brands, such as Mercedez-Benz, don’t need their names on their logo to be recognized by the masses. According to BrandFolder:

“The three-sided star of the Mercedes logo is intended to symbolize the brand’s dominance over land, air, and sea. As time progressed, the brand’s logo continued to shed more design elements, including color and text. The current logo reflects the effortlessly sophisticated Mercedes brand voice.”

Mercedez-Benz famous car logo
Mercedez-Benz logo


9. Pepsi

Pepsi is a well-known rival of Coca-Cola. If the Coca-Cola logo makes this list, then the Pepsi logo is expected as well. Pepsi is a cola drink brand that was first launched in 1898. The Pepsis logo has since evolved through the decades from a decorative scripted font to the red, white and blue globe that we see today. The scripted font is iconic to Pepsi. Even without the unique font, Pepsi is one of the top 10 most recognizable logos in the world.

Pepsi famous Logo
Pepsi logo


10. Walt Disney

Walt Disney is a popular brand among children. What better way to represent such a connection than portraying their logo as a representation of Mr. Disney’s very own signature? Although this “handwriting” is not like Mr. Disney’s, it still embodies his vision in the magical way that Disney has always done a wonderful job of capturing.

Walt Disney logo | Corporate brands logo with names
Disney logo


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