Sources of logo design inspiration

So you want to design an awesome logo. But you’re stuck and lack ideas. Where do you turn what are the best websites for logo design inspiration? What other sources of logo design inspiration are out there?

Best websites for logo design inspiration

The best way to get a logo design idea is to check out other logos. Make use of Google, other search engines, logo design inspiration websites and other sources of design inspiration. For businesses and organization logos, always check out the logos of their competitors and similar organizations. Keep in mind that it is very unethical to steal or copy other’s designs. You are merely looking at them for inspirational purposes. While your logo may be inspired by other’s work, it should not be a replica or near-replica.

1. Dribbble 

Many designers are familiar with Dribbble, making it one of the most popular design inspiration websites. If you aren’t, it’s about time you explore what the platform has to offer. At Dribble, you can view, share, comment and get inspired by tons of logos from designers around the world.

2. Behance  

Just like Dribble, Behance is a platform for designers and other creatives to showcase their work. This work often includes logo designs, in several styles. You can search and browse through many logo designs and get some inspiration. Behance is a trusted logo design inspiration website for designers of all levels.

3. Brand New

Brand New is an incredible logo design website for those interested in the design thought process.  Several posts show the logo redesign of different businesses.

3. Designspiration 

Designspiration is a curated platform, built with the aim of inspiring designers to share design ideas, logos included. You can use the Designspiration search box to find logo designs based on specific keywords.

4. Logo Design Love

Just like the website name implies, Logo Design Love is a good spot for those who love logos. On the platform, you learn about stories behind popular logos. If you want to learn more about the stories behind iconic logos, Logo Design Love is the blog to check out. They delve into how some of the most famous logos came to be and what factors drive a logo’s success and longevity.

5. Logospire 

Logospire is a simple but effective website for logo design inspiration. It has a scrollable logo design inspiration gallery featuring lots of logos. Check it out and get inspired!

6. Google Search images

Depending on the type and styles of logo you are designing, pass some keywords about the logo into the Google search box and navigate to images for a lot of logo design inspiration.

Consider a company called Katana Game Studio

Katana Game Studio, let’s say I start with the keyphrases “game studio” and “katana”. I will simply enter “game studio logos” and “katana logos” into the Google search bar and navigate to “images”. Now, I can easily browse through a list of possible competitor logos and others, for inspiration. You can also pass these keywords in several logo design inspiration websites, like Behance and Dribbble. At this point, you should be noting what elements and features other logos are using. This will play a part in your brainstorming process.

Game studio design inspiration
Game studio Google Search for design inspiration
Katana logo design inspiration
Katana logo Google Search for design inspiration


Other sources of logo design inspiration

Fortunately, there are a lot of resources out there to help designers get their creative spark. Design inspiration comes in all forms, as will be discussed in the following paragraphs. These are other sources of logo design inspiration to explore when you get stuck.

1. Nature

The natural world in all its beauty has had a lot of influence on several forms of design. For example, using biomimicry in product designs, the design of streamlined bullet trains based on birds. The natural world provides numerous sources of inspiration; mountains, animals, plants, birds and more. You just have to be observant and draw inspiration from the patterns, colors, textures, and layouts present in the natural world.

2. Stores and markets

Markets/stores, no matter how big or small, are beautiful in their own way. There, you can find design inspiration in the most unlikely ways. If you have a project in mind, you can easily make connections and get inspired. Antique stores are particularly beautiful because they receive little attention. All those forgotten products from the past could open your mind to several possibilities; products with different shapes, old designs, typography and more. Don’t limit yourself to physical stores and markets. Digital stores could spark your imagination as well.

3. Architecture

Consider this: Nike Air trainers were inspired by architecture, particularly French Structural Expressionism. The buildings surrounding you, ranging from the tallest skyscraper to the smallest hut, are good sources of design inspiration. Notice their shapes, colors and other features.

4. Family, friends, and other designers

When doing solo design work, it’s normal to sometimes go for a day without talking or connecting with anyone. Sometimes, It is a good idea to break your concentration and meet up with friends and family. Visit your parents for dinner, meet up with your friends for lunch or meet up with a love interest on a coffee date. The conversations you have with other people could be very impactful and inspiring. Also, connect with fellow logo designers to see what they’re working on. Talk to people about the business you’re designing a logo for, and let them through ideas at you.

A conversation could go like:

“Hi mom, I’m designing a logo for a Japanese game development company. What sort of elements do you think the logo could have?”

5. A walk

Whether you live in a bustling city or remote village, a walk is one of the easiest sources of logo design inspiration. Often, we only walk with a destination in mind, such as to a place of work, school or to visit a friend. It’s about time you consider a walk with no destination in mind. Just take a trip down the street, just for the fun of it. If you live in a city, a walk will inspire you with all the architecture, ranging from the sidewalk to skyscrapers. A 2014 Standford University study showed that walking increased creativity by 60%. Whenever you feel stuck, step out of your home or office and go for a walk.

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